Premieres and Commissions


We consider ourselves a composer’s greatest ally - becoming advocates for all types of living artists of our time.

This happens in two parts:

We commissioning new works - meaning we give composers money to write new pieces.

We perform a lot of new works.

Support the Del Sol Commissioning Fund - which goes to the composer to create these new works. We believe in work that creates community, inspires social activities, and creates a musical legacy for tomorrow.

We’ve commissioned/or premiered an incredible number of works, including by Terry Riley, Frederic Rzewski, Gabriela Lena Frank, Mason Bates, Huang Ruo, Ben Johnston, Pamela Z, Peter Sculthorpe, Kui Dong, Daniel Wohl, Miya Masaoka, Ron Bruce Smith, Lembit Beecher, Linda Catlin Smith, Koji Nakano, Tania Leon, Mohammed Fairouz, Reza Vali, Chris Jong, Chinary Ung, Erberk Eryilmaz, and Mads Tolling.

A full list is available here.

A list of collaborators available soon.