Earth Cry


Earth Cry

Australia’s greatest composer, Peter Sculthorpe created an enduring testament of environmental and social engagement through his string quartets. Didjeridu virtuoso Stephen Kent and Del Sol worked closely with Sculthorpe to prepare critically acclaimed recordings of these works.

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The Australian composer Peter Sculthorpe, who died in August at 85, wrote music of such rich beauty and such achingly transparent emotionalism that the results can be almost difficult to listen to. This transfixing two-disc set by San Francisco’s Del Sol Quartet features four of the composer’s late works for string quartet and didgeridoo, the aboriginal wood pipe whose twangy, restless droning forms a haunting counterpart to the sumptuous sound of the quartet. There is plenty of referential material in these pieces, including landscape imagery, the sound of bird cries, and a range of political concerns (for aboriginal peoples and asylum seekers). But the main thrust, especially in the luminous performances by the Del Sol and the didgeridoo virtuoso Stephen Kent, is the lush interplay of expressive melodies and keening, vivid harmonies. There’s nothing hidden here — the music is heart-on-sleeve in its forthright openness. — Joshua Kosman, San Francisco Chronicle


Peter Sculthorpe: The Complete String Quartets with Didjeridu

Quartet no. 12 “From Ubbir”

Quartet no. 14 “Quamby”

Quartet no. 16

Quartet No. 18

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