an intermedia performance installation with composer/video artist Chris Jonas exploring the metaphysical and psychological intersection of human & nature

#1 Top Entertainment Pick for the month of February 2010

GARDEN is a full length, music-driven intermedia performance/installation that uses linear-immersive media (live original music, transparent screens and projected video) to explore expressive, atmospheric, metaphoric, psychological and cross-cultural realms of place, night time and the intersection of the human and natural environments.

DEL SOL is at the center of the action, positioned within a 20 foot square cube whose vertical walls are gauzy scrims that let viewers see the Quartet as they play, while changing images are projected onto the surrounding planes. Audience members may sit in rows of chairs outside the wispy walls, but are encouraged to to wander about the murky space to observe the work from various vantage points.

Musically, GARDEN works between textural/melodic soundscapes, virtuosic instrumentalism, extended instrumental techniques and a mixture of strategic improvisation and through-composition.


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