Green Sneakers


“…the very hallmark of an intense, engaging and moving evening” – STAGE AND CINEMA

“A masterpiece” – OPERA TODAY

Del Sol joins forces with acclaimed baritone Jesse Blumberg in this moving performance of composer Ricky Ian Gordon‘s mini-opera Green Sneakers.  Green Sneakers is a raw, intensely personal and intimate work of art written by the award winning composer after the AIDS-related death of his partner, Jeffery Grossi.

The piece tells the story of the couple’s final few months together from the day Grossi buys a pair of sneakers until the moment of his death.  It is a production that peers into the very soul, leaving behind a transformed and uplifted audience with each live performance.

photo credit: Kristian Jaime

photo credit: Kristian Jaime


photo credit: Kristian Jaime



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