K-12 School Programs


Del Sol maintains its commitment to education and outreach through a variety of programs offered to elementary, middle, and high schools, both public and private.

• Selected programs

“Music Moves”
exploring the innate connection between physical movement and music and unusual ways to use physical movement to explore expression, ensemble playing, rhythm, and freedom of the body. for music classes only.

“Words & Music”
exploring the interplay between language and music, using poems to connect to ideas of emotion, imagery and structure in music, and creating musical improvisations based on poems. for English or music classes.

“Peace Through Music”
This presentation challenges students to listen critically to musical examples while learning about ways to lead more peaceful lives.

“The Del Sol Express’
Featuring musical maps and a colorful scrap book of sights and sounds from Latin America, this fast-paced program takes the young listener to Mexico, Peru and Argentina, returning via Cuba and the Caribbean.

• Composing Together Program

From 2008-2011 the Quartet collaborated with composer and music educator, Katrina Wreede, to create the unique, semester-long “Composing Together” program. Targeted at traditionally under-served middle and high school students in Bay Area public schools, the program involves the students in the creative process of music composition. Each class works closely with Ms. Wreede in small, interactive group sessions to create several student compositions, which Del Sol rehearses with the student composers and performs in a final concert for the entire school at the end of the semester.
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• Concert Programs for Public Schools

Del Sol has been active in youth outreach since 1995, performing more than 300 concerts for over 30,000 students at local schools. With an emphasis on pieces by living composers, the Quartet brings the vitality of music today into the classroom. Del Sol has performed shows annually at dozens of public elementary schools throughout the Bay Area. In addition, members of the Quartet visit classrooms for an in-depth introduction to the chamber music genre and instruments. The Quartet also has performed in Kohl Mansion’s prestigious Family Concert series, and “Strings Magazine” has published a full-length article about Del Sol’s outreach programs.



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