a redefined concert experience focus on the deep exploration of one major work



Like an underwater explorer taking soundings to determine the location, depth, and structure of objects below the surface, these programs allow us to listen more deeply. Each Soundings focuses on a single musical composition, performed twice. Between the performances, a visual artist presents newly commissioned works. Audience, quartet, and artist share thoughts, insights and impressions. Then a snack and some drinks… and a second listening.

For several years, Del Sol has presented a series of Soundings at the Center For New Music in San Francisco. Soundings is also available as a touring program in collaboration with local artists anywhere.

For a glimpse into a Soundings performance, read the SFCV review of Soundings 2.1

2016-2017 Season

Soundings 4.1  [October 20, 2016]
Lembit Beecher (b.1980) “These Memories May Be True” with animation by the composer

Soundings 4.2 [February 2, 2017]
Ben Johnston (b.1926) “Crossings” with Elmore Demott, photographer

Soundings 4.3 [June 15, 2017]
Caroline Shaw (b.1982) “Entr’acte” with Eric Schraderbonsai artist

2015-2016 Season

Soundings 3.1
Terry Riley (b.1935) “The Wheel and Mythic Birds Waltz”, with Kate Rannells, visual artist


Soundings 3.2
Ben Johnston (b.1926) “String Quartet no. 10” with Jan Wurm, visual artist


Soundings 3.3
Jack Body (1944-2015) “Epicycle” with Matt Gilbert, artist

2014-2015 Season

Center For New Music, San Francisco, CA.

Soundings 2.1
Pierre Jalbert (b.1967) “String Quartet no. 4”, with Kevin Chen, visual artist

Soundings 2.2
Huang Ruo (b.1976) “Calligraffiti” with Kate Rannells, visual artist

Soundings 2.3
Ken Ueno (b.1970) “Peradam” with Joshue Ott, media artist

2013-2014 Season

enter for New Music, San Francisco, CA

Robert Erickson (1917-1997) “Corfu”, with Kimetha Vanderveen, visual artist.

Stefano Scodanibbio (1956-2012), “Mas Lugares (su Madrigali di Monterverdi)”, with Mads Tolling, composer.

Peter Sculthorpe (b.1929), “String Quartet No. 14” (with didjeridu), with Stephen Kent, didjeridoo and Nils Bultmann, composer.

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Soundings “image” by Jan Wurm